new songwriting tool…

recently I picked up this Dave Smith Prophet rev 2…It’s turned out not to only be a great synth for adding sonic textures, but its a really inspirational songwriting tool. Can’t say enough good things about this thing….



Gear geekdom

Gear geekdom has been an ongoing theme in Black Diamond Orchestra. Basic demos and sonic exploration starts here, with an acoustic guitar, a Dave smith prophet rev 2 analog synth, a pretty rare old string synth- (a korg Lambda ES-50), a casio mt-68, a micro Korg, a fender 68 deluxe reverb amp, a pearlman tm-1 Neumann U47 style mic, a nice sounding great river preamp,  …and lots of pedals.



William Basinski

If you’re interested in the ambient genre and haven’t heard the disintegration loops by William Basinski, check it out. A modern day classic.. his performance at carriage works was the biz..